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Creative Commons Italia
The Italian affiliate of Creative Commons, that enables the spread of knowledge and creativity through free legal tools
Hacking Education through eLearning and Open Education
Il Progetto Punto Zero è un laboratorio partecipato per l’innovazione critica
A worldwide network on Internet & Society, coordinated by the Nexa Center until Oct. 2016
Leveraging peer-to-peer applications to foster a decentralized Internet of Things
DECODE will increase digital sovereignty of European citizens by enabling them to produce, access and control their data.
Bringing an Internet & Democracy perspective within the “Biennial of Democracy”
Opening up Education in South-Mediterranean countries
Values and ethics in Innovation for Responsible Technology in Europe
Studying the impact of the Internet of Things on our society
A tool designed for classifying and enriching textual documents using Linked Open Data
Supporting and promoting responsible research and innovation in ICT
A tool for exploring public procurement data using Linked Data
Harmonizing Linked Data and Big Data technological foundations for a multidimensional knowledge graph
Legal Aspects of Service Robotics
Which are the prominent legal issues related to service robotics? How could service robots im­pact on society, including fundamental rights?