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An international association to foster, strengthen, and enrich the Public Domain
A quali-quantitative analysis of the presence of Italian universities on social networks, focusing on Facebook and Twitter.
A quali-quantitative analysis of the activities by Municipalities, Provinces and Regions on Facebook and Twitter
A multidisciplinary research project funded by Regione Piemonte in support of Open Government Data policies
Innovating in the Public Sector, using cloud computing and Service-Oriented Architectures to make data available for useful applications
Supporting the initiatives of the Libraries and Museum Area of the Politecnico di Torino to increase awareness on the Public Domain
Bringing the Free Culture and Open Data perspectives in the cultural heritage domain
Exploring new models to empower citizens and users by granting them control on their 'digital footprint'
The first EU-funded thematic network on legal aspects of public sector information, coordinated by the Nexa Center between 2010 and 2012
Studying legal and organisational implications of cloud computing in the public sector, with a pilot study in Piedmont
Making possible and monitoring the impact of anonymous wireless access to the Internet
The fifth edition of the Italian Internet Governance Forum has been held in Torino, co-organized by the Nexa Center
Project for the development of techniques for the place-of-origin estimation of a Web page
Contributing the Italian bit to the overall picture of Internet and the role of transparency and accountability online
An analysis of the impact of the EU Proposal on online behavior and on business strategies.