Carlo Blengino



Carlo Blengino lives in Turin and is a lawyer and a partner of the legal firm “Studio Legale Catalano Penalisti Associati”. He deals exclusively with criminal law cases, with special reference to culpable crimes, professional liabilities, economics criminal laws, intellectual property rights, crimes involved with IT and new technologies, defense of privacy and personal data. Since the early nineties, he has debated in law courts the main issues of copyright, from CDs rental to campaigns for file sharing (among his many defenses, the one in the well-known sentence on downloading -Cass.149/07- and the defense of many users in the Peppermint case). He thus gained a concrete experience of sanctions in the area of copyright law. He is a member of the IT Commission within the Bar Council of Turin. He contributes to several on-line magazines, to the magazine “Diritto dell’Informazione e dell’Informatica” of the Calamandrei Foundation and his works are published by Giappichelli Editore, UTET Giuridica and EGEA. He is a fellow of Nexa Center for Internet & Society of Turin Polytechnic.