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A study that aims to develop practical techniques and industrial practices for accountable Artificial Intelligence (AI) decision-making.
An Italian national project that aims at addressing the research questions, methodologies, models, technologies, and even ethical and legal
The first Italian document with recommendations and guidelines on how to properly use  Artificial Intelligence in the Public Administration.
A procedure for assessing and comparing open source software for Public Administrations
Content moderation between freedom of thought and policies against disinformation and hate speech online
Artificial intelligence in TLC is a project funded by TIM S.p.A. and developed by the Nexa Center
Data Bias is a Ph.D. research project developed by Politecnico di Torino, Softeng research group and Nexa Center
A truly interdisciplinary project that keeps together the engineers and the philosophers of the Nexa Center and the University of Turin
A project that aims at (re)opening a fruitful dialogue between the engineering sciences and the humanities
Scienza Nuova, the Italian Institute for Advanced Studies in Torino “Umberto Eco”, is a newly established research institute
Laboratory of the Italian National Inter-University Consortium for Informatics.
Data and Algorithm Ethics is a Ph.D. research project started at the Nexa Center in collaboration with Fondazione Bruno Kessler
Distributed data management architectures for telecommunications companies.
Full explores, imagines and designs the future of global and local urban legacy embodied in city form.