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A collaborative initiative among academic institutions to the social impact and policy implications of their research agenda.
Performing research and policy support in the field of Open Access to scientific information at national and European level
A non-governmental organization with the dual goals of preventing Internet censorship and protecting privacy rights of individual.
Consensus building and policy support at the European level, as a follow-up of the LAPSI network
Bringing an Internet & Democracy perspective within the “Biennial of Democracy”
A European Thematic Network to reach consensus on PSI technical standards.
A quali-quantitative analysis of the presence of Italian universities on social networks, focusing on Facebook and Twitter.
An international association to foster, strengthen, and enrich the Public Domain
Supporting the use of open licenses by providing ad-hoc information on legal issues
Gathering more than 30 academic institutions across Europe and beyond, EINS aims at paving the way towards an integrated 'Internet Science'
A quali-quantitative analysis of the activities by Municipalities, Provinces and Regions on Facebook and Twitter
Studying the impact of the Internet of Things on our society
A multidisciplinary research project funded by Regione Piemonte in support of Open Government Data policies
A tool designed for classifying and enriching textual documents using Linked Open Data
Innovating in the Public Sector, using cloud computing and Service-Oriented Architectures to make data available for useful applications